Anti-Aging Programs and Age Management Programs

Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. offers a variety of natural treatments to her patients to help them experience a higher quality of life. San Francisco Anti Aging Specialist Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. offers wellness programs for adults and children. These programs can include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, clinical nutrition assessment and recommendations, food allergy and sensitivity testing, supplementation with vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural substances, heavy metal detoxification, HCG weight loss, and optimization of the gastrointestinal, immune and cardiovascular systems.

Our program is for anyone who wants to achieve optimal health, prevent disease and develop a personal plan for wellness.  If you are looking to make positive changes in your life we invite you to come visit, ask questions, and share your thoughts and ideas with Naturopathic Doctor Kristy Vermeulen.

It is our goal to create a personal long-term anti aging program tailored to your specific needs. By evaluating your nutrition, hormone status, nutrient deficiencies and health related risk factors we are able to design a unique health program to keep you at looking and feeling great. Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. is dedicated to helping you prevent many of chronic illnesses associated with hormonal imbalances and aging.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can be an important part of a naturopathic medicine treatment plan. As your body ages, your body stops producing hormones as the same rate as it used to. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, unlike synthetic hormone therapy, uses hormones that exactly match the chemical composition of the hormones produced by your body. When your endocrine system does not function as it should, we do not get the correct hormones in the correct doses when we need them. This causes a whole host of problems that affect your entire health system inclusive of your physical, emotional and mental states. A naturopathic medicine and BHRT practitioner specializes in using these natural hormones to balance your body without unwanted side effects. By bringing your body back into hormonal balance, you will have more energy, mental clarity, and feelings of good health.

HCG Diet

The HCG Medical Weight Loss Diet is offered as part of a full range of natural and holistic services. HCG is a hormone produced naturally by the body. Whereas many fad diets get you stuck in a pattern of losing weight and then quickly gaining it back—the HCG diet helps you lose weight and keep it off. When prescribed by a qualified physician, the HCG hormone can assist in healthy, fast-acting weight loss. Because this diet is overseen by a naturopathic weight loss professional, you get the added benefit of a diet that is customized to the needs of your body and lifestyle. You will supported so you get the diet and exercise you need to keep you at your ideal weight and feeling and looking your best. Read more about the HCG Diet and the benefits of medical weight loss programs.

Our anti-aging program consists of 3 phases:

Evaluation, Treatment and Maintenance.


Before starting a treatment program it is important for Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. to have as much information as possible.  This first evaluation consultation involves:

  • Comprehensive consult covering your current health concerns, medical history, diet and lifestyle, family history and much more.
  • Physical exam include body composition analysis
  • Lab testing for a general health overview, hormone levels, nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities .


Treatment can begin once the lab results are in. Based on the results Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. will formulate a treatment program including some of the following:

  • Bioidentical hormones
  • HCG weight loss diet
  • Diet suggestions and nutrition plans taking your food sensitivities into consideration
  • Lifestyle suggestions to promote exercise, optimal sleep and decreased stress
  • Specific health supplements, vitamins and/or minerals


Once you are on the treatment program it is important to follow-up with your progress. We will need to re-test your hormone and nutrient levels to ensure you are taking the best possible dose for your body and have an in-office visit to monitor your progress, answer any questions you have and make modifications to the treatment program if necessary.  Regular follow-ups allow us to safely monitor your health to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Additional Services Offered by Radiant Health:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Anti-aging
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Food sensitivity testing and gastrointestinal support
  • Detoxification
  • HCG Weight  Loss Diet
  • Immune system optimization
  • Adrenal fatigue support
  • Menopause and andropause support
  • Thyroid optimization

To learn more about the services and programs offered, contact San Francisco Anti Aging Specialist, Kristy Vermeulen, N.D. today to schedule a consultation!